Main Pool

The main pool at our Aquatic Center proudly adheres to international standards and stands as Sri Lanka’s premier swimming facility. It boasts a 50-meter length and a 22-meter width, with depths of 1.8 meters at both ends and 2 meters in the middle, ensuring that it meets the highest specifications for aquatic competitions. Even under the cover of night, this pool is fully equipped for competitions with two towering lighting towers illuminating the scene.

Inside the facility, you’ll find two well-appointed office rooms and newly-furnished men’s and women’s changing rooms, designed to cater to the needs of both athletes and organizers. Our Electronic Timing System guarantees precise and reliable competition results, and two air-conditioned glass cubicles streamline event operations. The pool itself boasts meticulously maintained, crystal-clear, bluish water, offering a sense of safety and confidence that enables athletes to excel and surpass their limits. With a generous seating capacity of 2500, complete with shelter, spectators can immerse themselves in the excitement of aquatic sports in a comfortable and enthusiastic atmosphere. Moreover, an airconditioned lobby area is at your disposal, enhancing the overall competition experience. Easy spectator access ensures that everyone can enjoy the aquatic excellence on display.

Sub Pool

The Sub Pool has dimensions of 22 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and maintains a consistent depth of 1.8 meters throughout. Its primary function is to provide warm-up facilities for athletes before their swimming events. Additionally, the Sub Pool serves as a valuable resource for the Sugathadasa Swimming School and members of the swimming pool complex. This versatile pool is accessible for a wide range of activities, making it suitable for children’s swimming lessons, leisurely swims with a oneday ticket, professional swimming training, or becoming a valued member of our swimming community. Regardless of how you choose to engage with us, we promise a wonderful and enriching experience that adds value to your lifestyle. Dive into our world, and let us enhance your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.


The facility was a brainchild of V.A. Sugathadasa, the former Mayor of Colombo Municipal Council and the first Minister of Sports in Sri Lanka and construction of the Sugathadasa Outdoor Stadium commenced on January 16, 1957 and completed on December 16, 1962. Subsequent to various other development initiatives, the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex was entrusted to the Ministry of Sports as a trust fund with effect from 1st of February 1995 and the Act No. 17 of 1999 was submitted to the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 20th April 1999 for incorporating it as the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex.

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