Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium

The Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium consists of a main arena, a badminton arena, a fitness center, squash courts, and a table tennis arena.

Main Arena

Designed to meet international standards, measures 35 meters in width and 40 meters in length, featuring a shock-absorbing wooden floor that is ideally suited for sporting performances, and equipped lights for day and night. It includes several facilities, such as a VIP room, a referee room, two media rooms, and a restaurant capable of seating 40 guests, four air-conditioned women’s changing rooms, four air-conditioned men’s changing rooms, and a cafeteria. The indoor stadium has a seating capacity of over 5000, ensuring comfortable accommodation for spectators. Additionally, there are two digital scoreboards located in the top two corners, equipped with digital clocks. The arena is equipped with two types of air conditioning systems to meet the specific requirements of clients. It offers infrastructure and equipment for various sports, including Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics, as well as recreational activities like large-scale international musical shows, reality shows, and conventions. Furthermore, it provides facilities for gatherings, meetings, and more.

Badminton Arena

The Badminton court covers a generous 20m x 20m area and boasts a wooden floor meticulously designed for shock absorption, ensuring outstanding performance while minimizing the risk of injuries. This facility offers two well-maintained courts, each thoughtfully equipped with nets, conveniently situated on the left side as you enter through the main gate of the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. Illuminated with ample lighting, these courts facilitate uninterrupted badminton play, whether it’s day or night. Moreover, the 15-meter-high ceiling provides an optimal environment for badminton, creating a spacious and visually comfortable setting that significantly enhances the overall enjoyment and experience for players. ¬†

Fitness Centre/Gym

Within the Sugathadasa Gymnasium, nestled conveniently to the left as you enter through the main gate of the indoor stadium, adjacent to the badminton court, is a precious and fully-equipped fitness facility. It boasts a comprehensive array of exercise equipment, including strength training machines like weight machines, kettle-bells, and free weights. You’ll also find a range of cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes, as well as functional training tools like medicine balls and flexibility and rehabilitation equipment. In addition to its exercise offerings, the gym is well-appointed with essential accessories, including large mirrors, televisions, water bottles, and lockers for your convenience. The gym’s air-conditioned environment creates a flexible, friendly, and serene atmosphere, providing clients with the ideal setting to work on building a healthier and more vibrant self.

Squash Courts

Sugathadasa Squash Complex is conveniently located near the badminton courts and gymnasium, just inside the main gate of the indoor stadium on the left side. This state-of-the-art facility features four airconditioned squash courts with wooden floors, designed to optimize player performance while reducing the risk of injuries.The well-maintained surroundings create an enthusiastic atmosphere, enhancing the enjoyment of the game. The complex offers excellent facilities for practice sessions and events, and it’s easily accessible to the general public for reserving courts and enjoying squash with friends. Spectators can appreciate matches in a dedicated common area, and organizers have the resources to efficiently manage their activities. Additionally, the complex includes four air-conditioned men’s and women’s changing rooms, ensuring participants’ comfort during competitions.

Table Tennis Arena

The Table Tennis Arena is primarily designed for practice and leisure play. Covering a spacious area of 15m x 10m, it can accommodate two tables for simultaneous play. This air-conditioned facility features a pristine wooden floor, providing the ideal environment for table tennis enthusiasts. Conveniently situated near the swimming pool, this arena offers a unique opportunity for players to enhance their skills while enjoying a comfortable setting. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or a leisure player, this space caters to your needs. For those seeking a comprehensive leisure experience, consider the integrated facilities that include table tennis, swimming, and a gymnasium. Sharing the experience with a partner can further elevate your enjoyment of the game. Come and experience the perfect blend of recreation and improvement at our Table Tennis Arena.


The facility was a brainchild of V.A. Sugathadasa, the former Mayor of Colombo Municipal Council and the first Minister of Sports in Sri Lanka and construction of the Sugathadasa Outdoor Stadium commenced on January 16, 1957 and completed on December 16, 1962. Subsequent to various other development initiatives, the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex was entrusted to the Ministry of Sports as a trust fund with effect from 1st of February 1995 and the Act No. 17 of 1999 was submitted to the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 20th April 1999 for incorporating it as the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex.

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