Naam 200 (We are 200)

Arrangements are being made to celebrate the unity, diversity, and legacy commemorating 200 years since the arrival of the Indian-origin plantation community in Sri Lanka.

The event, ‘Naam 200’ (We are 200), is held under the theme, ‘In the tapestry of Sri Lanka’s cultural diversity, the Indian Tamil community has woven a unique thread over two centuries.’

Using Zoom technology, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the event organized by the Minister of Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development, Jeevan Thondaman. Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena, ministers of both India and Sri Lanka are scheduled to attend this event, the organizers said.


The facility was a brainchild of V.A. Sugathadasa, the former Mayor of Colombo Municipal Council and the first Minister of Sports in Sri Lanka and construction of the Sugathadasa Outdoor Stadium commenced on January 16, 1957 and completed on December 16, 1962. Subsequent to various other development initiatives, the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex was entrusted to the Ministry of Sports as a trust fund with effect from 1st of February 1995 and the Act No. 17 of 1999 was submitted to the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 20th April 1999 for incorporating it as the Sugathadasa National Sports Complex.

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